Case studies

At oralzone, we give our every case our full and individualized attention

Every case is unique and deserves our utmost dedication and attention to detail. From simple single unit crowns to complex all-on-X implant restorations, we take pride in providing our clients with the highest in quality dental prosthetics.

Here are just a few examples of cases successfully completed on time by the Oralzone team.

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  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Veneers

Temporaries can be pretty too

Lab made temporaries are often the final check before the fabrication of the final crowns.

Having an in-house custom abutment mill helps

We here at oralzone like to keep everything in house and not have to depend on third party milling centers.

Combination case

Once our initial temporisation protocol was done and patient was happy with the shapes and general esthetics, we followed with the challenging part of the case ; combining different materials.

Angle corrections on multi-units

This case needed some extra attention. Thankfully with team oralzone’s knowledge on implant cases we can find a solution for any case.

6 laminated zircon crowns

Big cases tend to give us issues if a proper protocol is not followed. In this case the clinician started off by asking oralzone for a digital waxup which we 3D printed.

Smile improvement on 4 implants using full contour zirconia and a human touch

In this case, the patient was missing the upper left incisor (UL2) and premolar (UL4). The adjacent teeth were stained and showing old crown margins.